Top 10 Beaches in Portugal to Visit in 2024

The maritime strength that underlies the history of Portugal is amazing. This beautiful country boasts two unique and distinct coastlines; the southern part facing the Mediterranean and the western one facing the Atlantic. The beauty that underlies every beach here is amazing.

Historically, it is believed that the explorers from Portugal contested with the Dutch and English. Therefore, the goodness and luxury that accompanies beaches situated within the borders of Portugal are undoubtedly the best. With cool and consistent temperatures, you will enjoy the calmness of spending a day in both stretches of the coast.

1. Praia da Miramar, Arcozelo

The beauty that accompanies this unique beach is perfectly amazing. Praia da Miramar is one wonderful and lovely beach you shouldn’t afford to miss. The nature around it is colored with a range of stand-alone rocks that are the basement of a lovely little chapel. Itcan be accessed in the midweek during the summer season. Remember to come along with your family members and enjoy the bracing breeze accompanied by some fresh moments in the beautiful sands. Enjoy the grotesque pictures of shops, cafes, and restaurants that surround the beach.

2. Praia Zambujeira do Mar, Alentejo

Praia Zambujeira do Mar is situated in the midst of Costa Vicentina e Sudoeste Natural Park. Visiting this beach will give you a range of options to explore. First, you will be able to enjoy nature around the park, and secondly, you will as well be at the frontline of exploring the services provided by it. The environs of the beach are surrounded by a range of cliffs from which you can sit and have a spectacular view of nature around. Praia Zambujeira do Mar will give you the opportunity of commencing your day in style. Enjoy the company of surfers on a bright morning and end your day in style by trekking on the shore of this beach. Enjoy yourself.

3. Praia de Cacela Velha, East Algarve

Situated in the eastern part of Ria Formosa Natural Park near a beautiful lagoon, Cacela Velha is destined to provide the best for you. It is accessible utilizing a boat and can as well be accessed by a trip, which can be a better exercise to your body.

A trek to the beach can also be another option, but may sometimes seem a long trek. Generally, the beauty that underlies it is quite impressive. You will enjoy a day of sitting along the shores and enjoying the tides. You will as well be able to have a wonderful sight of fish and crabs in small colorful pools. There is no doubt about this, Cacela Velha shouldn’t be among the beaches you should miss after paying a visit to Portugal.

4. Praia do Barril, Ilha da Tavira, East Algarve

In need of enjoying the sight of dunes? Praia do Barril in East Algarve is a perfect option. It is situated at a distance of about 40-minute drive from Faro Airport. The dunes located on this beach form a unique barrier that is situated between the sea and the marshes. A trek through the beautiful beach with loads of sand is perfectly amazing. It extends to a stretch of approximately 11 kilometers. It is a busy one but can be able to accommodate as many people as possible. It boasts a restaurant situated on the western part of the island. Here, you will be able to enjoy a range of mouth-watering meals as well as services from dedicated employees. The water here is relatively calm hence exposing the calmness and cool nature of this beach.

5. Praia da Marinha, Lagoa, Algarve

Another beach that will leave you amazed and astonished of its unique features is the Praia da Marinha. It is situated in Lagos, Algarve, and is commonly populated by crowds of tourists, especially during holiday seasons. It boasts a large stretch of fine and soft white sands that can be a better environment for your kids to enjoy the whole day.

Despite the fact that it has a range of beautiful features, it is sometimes not as busy as expected because of the lack of a proper means of transport. You will definitely have to have a trek on the cliffs because of the inability to maneuver to your place of interest. Snorkeling is among the sporting activities you will enjoy as well, but if you prefer some other sports, like golf, you can check the nearest golf courses on Come along with your family and enjoy all the goodness that underlies this special beach.

6. Sao Rafael Beach, Albufeira, Algarve

It stretches to a small area and is loaded with stretches of wonderful sands that will be loved by your children. The key advantage of this beach is that it is located in an area that is more popular to all tourists around the world. You will have the privilege of enjoying waves that are ideal for kayaking, surfing, and all other sport-related activities. Additionally, it boasts a range of restaurants and cafes that will provide you with hearty and sweet meals such as Portuguese cuisine. Try the sardines and enjoy the uniqueness that comes with these special restaurants around the beach.

7. Praia da Amália, Brejão, Alentejo

Alentejo is a place that is well known for having a good number of historical ruins that are loved by most tourists. These ruins historically date back to the Moors and all its physical features. The beach is colored by a number of features that will certainly make you yearn for it on a daily basis.

The water that falls down onto the beach will provide a wonderful shower both for you and your family members. Historically, it is named after a famous singer. You can find your way into this beach through the old smuggler’s paths and those that were used occasionally by the fishermen. It will be a perfect experience here, especially when you try out the delectable fresh fish that comes from the cool waters around.

8. Praia da Adraga, Sintra-Cascais, Lisbon

This lovely beach lies in a region just above Lisbon. It boasts a range of rocks that can as well be able to provide shade, especially on a sunny day. Despite having many colorful features, the beach is less busy at times. Surfers here also have a wonderful time enjoying each and every moment. Caves are also here to be explored just after the tides go out. Additionally, a range of restaurants with delicious foods are also packed around the beach to give you the best. You can also engage yourself in sporting activities such as cliff top walking.

9. Dunas de São Jacinto, Aveiro, Porto

The dunes are situated in the midst of Caramulo, Arestal, Sierra da Freita, and the Atlantic. The area here is specially protected and reserved for the bird watchers. The environment here is cool and enjoyable, especially during the holidays.

Your family will be able to enjoy a range of features that will make them yearn for more and more travel seasons to Portugal. Enjoy the clean, unspoiled environment that boasts large stretches of white sands. In these sands, your children will be able to play and enjoy with others. Here, there are no cafes and therefore the need to be well prepared to handle your food needs.

10. Praia Dona Ana


With an incredibly photogenic background, the Praia Dona Ana is one wonderful beach that will give you the best. It has a range of cliffs and other features whose major aim is to give you the best. Encounter the natural beauty that comes with this beach.