Best Beach Colleges

Life by the beach is amazing. It gets better if you have to study in a college located by the beach. You have all the time to take a dip into the water any time or revise while enjoying the ocean breeze. However, the hectic college life may stand in the way of relaxing at the beach, so, if you feel overwhelmed by all these assignments, essays, and research papers, be sure to visit MyDissertationTeam and get a top-notch help.

If you love life by the sea, there are amazing campuses around the world that are located on beaches. The idea of studying by the beach makes learning to appear relaxing. You will also not have to take long and expensive trips to enjoy the beach. This would be the best college experience where you spend all your years on vacation.

Different universities have set up campuses and colleges on the beach. Here are some of the universities and colleges that have their campuses on the beach.

Loyola Marymount University

The university is built on the Western Los Angeles Coast. It is the only university in that area and has direct access to the beach. It is famous as the University of Silicon Beach because the area is known for some of the most innovative startups. The region hosts more than 500 companies focused on technology and innovation. Projects coming from the university are also competing admirably with other colleges and universities across the country.

The university is located on Venice Beach, a spot that is sufficient for the life of a student. The beach offers a chance to enjoy the legendary boardwalk, performers, and other weirdoes in the area. Though the beach is not the most famous or lucrative in the area, it befits the lifestyle and expectations of a student.

California Polytechnic State University

If you want to join one of the leading STEM colleges in the world, you have to take to the beaches of Avila and Pismo. California Polytechnic State University or Cal Poly has distinguished itself as one of the leading technology and innovation research institutions. It appears that the students have sufficient time to relax and think through their ideas at the Pismo and Avila beaches.

Cal Poly ranks top among the best beach colleges because of its policy on inclusivity. The college distinguishes itself by offering degrees to minorities. It is also recognized for its focus on social mobility. Residents around the university will attest to its transformative effect on its economy. Its location, San Luis Obispo enjoys perfect weather all through the year. It might explain why the town is rated as the happiest in the US. It is interesting to see a college offering a combination of intensive study and relaxation in such a way that it excels throughout the country.

University of Miami

The history of the University of Miami is inseparable from that of the city. It was founded in 1925 to coincide with the wave of tourists who were flocking to the area. The university has consistently ranked among the most innovative research institutions in the US. The most popular courses from the University of Miami include law, medicine, oceanography, and computer science.

The selection process to join the university is very strict. Only 16,000 students manage to get into the university but they have a lifetime experience to enjoy. ‘Sun and Surf’ is imagery associated with the university and could be one of the most attractive features for students who choose the school. Students are spoilt of choice since they are surrounded by Key Biscayne, Virginia Key, and Miami Beaches. Activities around the campus include beach volleyball, sailing, and fishing, among others.

Citadel Military College

The Citadel ranks top among military colleges in US. It is situated in South Carolina and has a reputation of being among the most challenging colleges to enroll even with the toughest military mentality. The cadets have to deal with one of the most intensive military curriculums on the planet. The alumni of this college are recognized for their discipline and sense of responsibility.

The tough curriculum and association with the military might make one think that students would waste the opportunity to hit the beach. They justifiably appreciate the miles of coastline at their disposal along with Charleston, SC. After the tough classes and workout, their weekends are best spent on the beach. The students are rewarded with time on Folly Beach, popularly known as the Edge of America. Sullivan’s Island is also a few miles away for the souls that love taking time away from the ordinary environment.

Point Loma Nazarene University

Point Loma Nazarene University is recognized for its focus on liberal arts and insistence on spirituality. It is one of the eight colleges by Nazarene that serve within the American territory. It has one of the highest pre-med acceptance rates and an impressive 15:1 student to faculty ratio. Med graduates from the school have an over 90% pass rate for board examinations.

The students either do not get distracted by the beach or use the miles of beach on the San Diego coast to relax their minds and enhance learning. The student population of 3,500 students has the advantage of having both a beach and bay to enjoy. Some of the beaches serving the PLNU fraternity include Coronado beach and Point Loma Tide Beach.

College of the Atlantic

The name almost says everything anyone would want to say about the college. This college is one of the youngest beach colleges having been founded in 1969. However, it has a fascinating and unique story of existence. The college was originally meant to serve residents of Bay Harbor, ME. The focus was on human ecology, professions, sciences, and humanities. This has driven the college to be the first fully renewable energy powered college in the US. Located on the beaches of Bar Island, it ranks top among the best beach colleges in the US.

There are more colleges and universities on the beach. They offer diverse experiences while these beaches have had varying impacts on the students. What is not in doubt is the fact that every student would want to spend his college years by the beach and there are enough options to consider around the country.