Town of Greenfield, Massachusetts

The town of Greenfield is located at the intersection of Interstate 91 and the famous Mohawk Trail in Franklin County, Massachusetts. The population of Greenfield is over 17,000 residents, and the first settlers came to this area in 1686. This city has a bunch of things to offer to its residents and here is everything that we know about this town.

History of Greenfield

The Greenfield area was inhabited by the Pocumtuck Indians at first, and the artifacts that are shown here date between 7,000 and 9,000 years BCE. While the Native Americans played the important role, the area was eventually colonized by the English in 1686, and they established a town here. Although the settlement existed before 1753, this is the year when the city was founded, and the name was derived from the Green River.

Not much has been going on in this area, but the Connecticut River Railroad was one of the first railways which entered the town, and it revolutionized the way of transportation, replacing the canal trade which was present here. In the 19th and 20th century, Greenfield used to be one of the most important American tows of the tap and die business.

About Greenfield

Above, you could read some basic information about Greenfield, but let’s dig a bit deeper. This town has always been known for its picturesque and vibrant downtown. Once you step into the city center, you can choose one of the restaurants that you will find here, or go on a shopping spree. Moreover, you can enjoy different forms of entertainment. While the downtown is bursting with life, the rest of the city is the mixture of modern industry, far and quiet neighborhoods which are perfect for families with kids.

Although this is a small town, in terms of the education, it has it all. There are innovative public schools, distinguished private schools, and a college. According to, this is one of the smallest towns with a college not only in Massachusetts but in the whole United States. What you should know about Greenfield is that the city has been chosen for tens of millions of dollars in both private and public sector investments.

More Facts about Greenfield

The town covers the total of 22 square miles, which is not that much. However, there are plenty of other small cities near Greenfield, and you can reach every one of these quickly. For example, there is Bernardston to the north, whereas Gill and Deerfield are located to the east and the south. Visiting any of the neighboring towns would give you so much pleasure. These are all, together with Greenfield, close-knit communities that you will have a hard time resisting.

Climate of Greenfield

The climate which is dominant here is humid continental. In other words, anyone who lives here, or who plans to move to Greenfield, should take into consideration that the winters are usually cold and snowfall is a common occasion. On the other hand, summers are warm and humid, and the temperatures can often go too high, preventing you from running your daily errands.                                              Greenfield Climate Table /Historical Weather Data

Transportation in Greenfield

You must be wondering what the transportation is like in this small city in Massachusetts. Surprisingly enough, the transportation is well-connected, and I will start with the buses. Buses are a common way to reach any destination, and the town of Greenfield is served by Peter Pan and Greyhound bus lines.

If you are not a big fan of busses, you might prefer the railway. Greenfield’s position is fantastic because it lies at the junction of two rail lines. An east-west line heads from the northern parts of Worcester County towards Hoosac Tunnel and Albany, New York, whereas the north-south route starts in Springfield and it goes all the way to Vermont. Pan Am Railways is in charge with both lines.

Could I live here?

Now that you know some basic information about Greenfield, Massachusetts, you are probably wondering whether you could live in this small town. Is this the life I want to have? The small city of Greenfield is best seen from the top of solitary Poet’s Seat Tower because it looks as if it spreads out like a feudal landholding. To the left of the city, rises the Mount Sugarloaf, behind which is the Berkshires. Looking at the town behind you from this fascinating tower will make you believe that you have returned to the medieval ages.

The city is a perfect combination of old-time New England and forward-thinking, and depending on who you are talking to, you will get different answers. Interestingly enough, Greenfield received the first “green community” in the entire state and concerts are organized annually by Energy Park, and the festival keeps getting better. William Martin, who was elected mayor in 2009 had something interesting to say back in the time of his rule: “The name Greenfield is made up of the words green and field and I have aggressively pursued opportunities in that arena.”

We have already mentioned that the city is the perfect combination of old and new. That is why it is not surprising if you find yourself buying in the same store your grandma used to visit. For example, in Greenfield, you can find Wilson’s Department Store, which is located on the corner of Main and Davis streets. This is something you must visit at one point during your stay in the town.

What kept standing after all these years in Greenfield is the farmer’s market. The entire Saturday, you could find yourself not being able to get out of the Main Street. What you should definitely do is get a cuppa joe at Greenland Coffee and hide out for the afternoon at the Garden Cinemas. Some other things you can find in the town include a barbershop, grocery store, and tailor shop and all of these are located on the Main Street.

The benefits of this town are that the community is close-knit, meaning that people know each other and they are always willing to help. The place reminds us of those classic American cities from the 1950s, and one thing is for sure. No matter when you decide to come to Greenfield, you will not find a Walmart here. Still, though, it counts on 21st-century amenities with everything from hospitals to nearby rehab centers which can be found in this article.

The town nourishes the strong sense of the community, and it has its own newspaper called The Recorder, which was first issued in 1792. To answer the question. Yes, you could definitely live in Greenfield. It is a perfect place for families and the people who are looking to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and get away from the daily turmoil and chase. Greenfield has everything a place of this size should have, and you will not regret it for an instant that you have come here.

If you are looking to buy a house, they start at around $90,000, which is the price of the bungalow, but they go up to $849,000. The median house price is at about $200,000, and with this in mind, you can easily plan your budget and start organizing your move to Greenfield.

All in All

As you can see, Greenfield is a unique location in Massachusetts and even in the entire United States. If you were to discover such places, you would definitely struggle slightly, and Greenfield is truly a gem in the US.