Benefits Of Living Near The Beach

For a couple of hundred years people have been claiming that living near ocean has been beneficial to their health. And now studies conducted in Great Britain seem to be backing up this belief. Here is a list of benefits that are associated with living near the beach and the salt spray of the ocean.

Reduction of Anxiety and Stress

Sitting by the water with your feet in the sand and most people feel their anxiety and stress melt away. The truth is, that scientists have dubbed this phenomena as “Blue Mind” and although they still don’t understand why sitting by the ocean or hearing ocean waves has such a relaxing affect on the mind they do find that the effect is very real and beneficial to both the mental and physical health of people who suffer from anxiety and stress.

Most people report that spending time at the beach helps them find a feeling of peace of contentment they simply don’t feel anywhere else.

More Active Lifestyle

Studies suggest that people who live near the beach have a more active lifestyle than people who live away from the ocean or in the city which leads to an overall healthier lifestyle. No one knows why people who live near the beach are more activate other than the fact that the beach simply encourages people to spend more time out of doors. Let’s take Miami Beach Florida as an example.

Individuals in Miami Beach and Miami in general live a very active lifestyle. With numerous public parks and miles of beautiful open beaches with easy access to the ocean, it’s no wonder that many locals and snow bird alike strive to live in Miami Condos near the Beach. It’s hard to imagine living near the beach and not wanting to take a long walk, look for sea shells or drift wood or take the occasional dip in the ocean.

More Vitamin D

Studies have shown that even a few minutes in the sun can give you a healthy dose of vitamin D and even when your skin is smothered in SPF to prevent you from exposure to the sun’s harmful rays your skin can absorb the vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to improve your autoimmune system and elevates your mood helping you combat depression and making you feel generally happier.

Helps to Reduce Pain and Heal Wounds

Studies have also shown that swimming in the salty ocean can help to reduce pain, and heal wounds as well as lead to healthier skin all of which can help you to lead a more active lifestyle and a more positive mental attitude.

Better Sleep

Not only does the fresh sea air help you to sleep better, but even just the sound of the ocean can help people fall into a relaxed and restful sleep. Getting adequate rest allows you to feel more alert and alive and ready to tackle your day. When you are rested you feel more energetic and tend to be more active than when you are feeling tired and worn out.

With the high cost of ocean front property makes it impossible for everyone to live near the beach, studies suggest that even spending some time at beach during the weekend or your vacation can rejuvenate you spiritually, mentally and physically helping you to live a healthier life.