Things To Include When Writing a Travel Guide


A travel guide is a set of instructions tailored especially to a particular destination, including what you should see and how to get there and how to get around and what kind of services are on offer. It is meant to make traveling easier for the traveler and the people providing you with assistance on the ground. Travel guides are handy for first-time travelers to a destination and relevant for those who have visited it before. Field experts gather information about places, activities, events, and local culture to develop practical recommendations for travelers.

When writing a travel guide, there are a few things to consider:

1. Where To Go And How To Get There

When writing a travel guide, you should think about where you are going and how to get there. You must include the information on how to get there in your travel guide. This will consist of the location of the place you are going to and how to get there either by plane, train, or car. It is also beneficial for the traveler if you explain your time zone when writing your travel guide.

 2. What And When To See

While waiting for your flight, look out of the window and decide what sights you want to visit. Or, for a more extended stay, make a list of things that interest you. If traveling during peak season, it may also be a good idea to log in to which places are at maximum capacity and where there is room for more visitors. This can save time and effort in finding appropriate places in advance of your trip.

3. What Things Should You Do When You Get There

The next part of writing a travel guide is thinking about what things to do when you arrive at your destination or once you have already come. This section should be divided into several categories such as sightseeing, shopping, dining out, recreation, transportation and other helpful information.

4. Where To Stay


This is also an essential part of writing a travel guide. This is where you would talk about the hotels or lodges you will be staying at. You would also include information about where to find accommodations for budget travelers and for those travelers who want a nice place to stay with all the amenities and the best options available in that area. Know everything about travel guide at

 5. Best Time to Visit

This is something that all travel guides discuss and is a big part of filling up the pages. The best time to visit a destination depends on what you want to do while there. When writing a travel guide, you should mention the best time to visit based on the type of activities you will be doing while visiting the place.

6. Staying Safe

This may be a small section in a travel guide, but it is essential for writing a travel guide. It would help if you mentioned the dangers and risks associated with your destination and precautions to take to ensure the safety of yourself and other travelers. You can also say the best ways to stay safe that are unique to your destination.

7. Tips and Advice

This is another important section that should never be missed. It is the place to go when you want to speak about things you have experienced or learnt while traveling or through your planning or research that makes the whole experience enjoyable. This kind of information may include books to read, places to visit, and resources for easy bookings. You can also use this as a place to mention where exactly you can find the information you found in a list format. A travel guide’s tips and advice section should be a tool when traveling to ensure safety and comfort in all types of situations.

 8. Useful Information


This is the place to put anything unique in a particular country, such as currency, state of buildings and infrastructure, health information and even the different types of transportation available such as walking, taxis or public transport.

Another good place to put information about food included in the travel guide would be where it is possible to buy food during peak hours or where it can be purchased cheaper. You can also mention what kind of souvenirs are available and their place of origin. This section may also include information about local festivals and other cultural activities that you might enjoy before getting on your trip.

9. Glossary

A glossary is also an important section in your travel guide, including places you might need a little help with, such as place names from different languages or terms from other countries to be used if you plan to travel internationally. This section is also a great tool to have so that you can explain anything the traveler is not sure about.

10. What to Bring

This is also an important part when writing a travel guide. This will help people decide what supplies they need to bring, such as clothes and toiletries. This will also help them decide if they should get any special items for their trip such as cameras, binoculars, swimming equipment etc.

11. Food and Drinks

You mention what kinds of food and drink are local or unique to the destination. This may also be another place where you include descriptions of different cuisines available in that destination, such as Indian, Greek, Italian or Russian foods.

12. Maps


This is another essential part to include in a travel guide once you have arrived at your destination or beforehand. A map is required for determining places and the location of where you want to go and how to get there. You would also mention the availability of maps and directions in that area.

13. Travel Costs

This is a small section of your travel guide but is still important enough to be included. It would help if you mentioned the prices of things such as transportation, accommodation and food, and this will help people make a good idea of how much they need to budget to have a good trip.

14. Currency

This section is an essential part of writing a travel guide as it involves the traveler finding out what the local currency is. This information would be of great importance to travelers planning to visit different countries and avoid situations where people could face money problems during their travels. Travelers should also note that once they arrive at their destination, currency exchange rates will be different to what they have in mind, so one should take note of that before their trip.


You can write about many things in your travel guide, and understanding what needs to be included will be a big part of writing a good travel guide. If you are planning on writing a travel guide, you must include all the details and information possible so that the reader will not have any questions once they finish reading your work.