Things to Do in Tenerife


Tenerife is the largest and most visited island of the Canary Isles. This is due to the area’s wide variety of cityscapes and activities to do, which makes it perfect for all types of visitors and provides everything from wonderful sunshine all year long to festivals and sports teams. Even if you are visiting the region for the pleasant winter conditions or amazing coastlines, we strongly advise you to take some opportunity to tour the archipelago and take in its many tourist environments as well as its charming medieval villages, where you can get a feel for the local history and heritage. You can see the best places to visit if you click on this link

Places You Must Visit

The Museum of Nature and Man


Numerous significant artifacts with ties to Island history as well as global history may be found in this place. It is known around the world for its preservation of mummies and contains a sizable collection of native tools and carvings. The museum’s conservation efforts have paid off, giving visitors a rare opportunity to explore the most significant collection ever assembled about the place’s indigenous people, who lived there before the advent of the first European explorers.

Watch a Live Show at Pirámide de Arona


The truly excellent live presentation continues to fascinate both young people and older people. It features a fusion of flamenco operas and dance performances, as well as traditional cultural performances. You can still enjoy the show even if you don’t speak the native language. Thanks to the dedication and skill of the artists, the visual depiction of the plot are easily understood on stage.

Tenerife Auditorium Adan Martin


The Auditorium, built in an avant-garde contemporary design, routinely hosts discussions, shows, and musical performances that draw people from all walks of life. The auditorium’s design has given rise to numerous hypotheses, some of which claim it resembled an ancient helmet. The dining patio, ticket counters, and restrooms are all located on the first level’s spacious open area. Take in the lovely view from the terrace, and don’t forget to bring your camera.

Whale and Dolphin Watching at Playa de Las Amèricas


More than 25 varieties of marine mammals and dolphins may be seen in the tropical waters encircling the area, making it a well-liked attraction for tourists of all ages. Daily boat tours are offered. The cost of the boat rides varies depending on the level of service provided and the provision of beverages and refreshments. Even some boats have decorations resembling pirate ships. The average trip lasts several hours, and during that time you’ll get to observe a variety of mammal and whale species in their original environment.

Things To Look For Before Visiting The Place

The weather

Before visiting somewhere for the very first time or if you are returning during a different period of the year, it is crucial to be aware of the meteorological conditions. Temperatures on the range from a low of 16 ° centigrade to a high of 22 degrees centigrade, with an annual average variation of 5 degrees centigrade. It is one of the European regions with the greatest sunny hours per year, with over three thousand hrs, and generally has moderate, spring-like conditions all year round.

The island’s orography also makes it possible to distinguish clearly between the north and the south sides thanks to the influence of the canary prevailing winds, and precipitation is scarce in any season. This gives us reason to believe that you can schedule recreational sports throughout the year, including sporting events while you’re on vacation, thanks to how mild the summertime and dry the wintertime are. So refrain from stuffing your suitcases to the brim with caps, shawls, footwear, and jackets. You must consider these three pieces of advice when you come to see them.



The inhabitants of the place are known for being outgoing, vibrant, and always willing to assist visitors. They have an open lifestyle, are accustomed to receiving guests from all over the world, and are ready to share a small portion of this lovely heaven in which you will find yourselves. Open your thoughts and interact with the local people, is our recommendation. They are the ones that can lead you to a secret place that the Search engine does not include, a coastline that is not properly marked, or a lost “guachinche” in the center of a north town. There are also some highly unique celebrations, including funfairs.

Drive a rental car to explore the remaining areas of the island

When renting a car is a possibility, you should definitely do so! Then the northern city, it offers a tremendous amount more to discover. Your ability to take a few long drives and explore the rest of the island will be enhanced by owning a car. When you have the opportunity, take advantage of the beautiful Islands!

Don’t worry about following local customs when it comes to clothing

On this heartfelt, sun-drenched island, anyone can wear however they like, just remember to take sunblock, a cap, and other sun protection. There are many nudist beaches spread throughout the island, and many beachgoers enjoy swimming without tops. However, when you get off the beach, it’s polite to cover yourself a little—for example, no bearing your top in the town square. When entering religious structures, such as cathedrals or temples, dress modestly. Additionally, it is rude to go on a tourist excursion while there is a religious service. Arrive early for services at structures that are only open during mass.


Is Tenerife a secure place?

From the standpoint of present health conditions, it is entirely safe. In all indoor settings and public spaces, you must wash your hands regularly and wear a face mask. The latter refers to situations in which you are entirely by yourself. Do take extra care with your possessions from the standpoint of safety as a whole. Never end up leaving anything alone in a hotel or your automobile.

Our Final Verdict

You can’t go far wrong when on vacation in this area because of the fully accessible, laid-back, and vibrant attitude shared by the local inhabitants! Enjoy the Island to the utmost by taking full advantage of the memorable festivities, stunningly beautiful countryside, delicious delicacies, and late nights on amazing shores.