Reasons Why You Need to Take Your PADI Instructor Course in Bali (IDC Bali)


PADI Instructor certification allows the most passionate divers to create their own diving businesses and explore their passion. It all starts with being trained on the PADI Instructor Basic course. This is the foundation upon which all other courses are built. You will learn how to manage your students and help them progress through your training program. You also learn safety procedures and are introduced to a range of PADI’s specialty courses to find your niche as an instructor or dive master.

In the Instructor Development Course (IDC Bali), you will have the ability to develop the skills to lead instructors and dive masters into the scuba diving world while developing a passion for teaching. This article will discuss why you should take your PADI Instructor Course in Bali (IDC Bali).

1. You can help the growth of your country’s tourism

Many people have yet to experience the wonders of the sea, but they don’t know where to start. With your PADI instructor course in Bali (IDC Bali), you can help grow your country’s tourism through spearfishing, photography and snorkeling. Diving is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, with a total number of two million scuba diving participants each year.

2. You will receive an increase in job opportunities in and around Bali (IDC Bali)


With your PADI instructor course in Bali (IDC Bali), you can dive into places like Amed, Nusa Penida, Sanur, and Padang Bai. You can also join other diving groups as an assistant instructor to earn extra money and connect with a larger community.

3. You will learn how to be a better diver

Since you will be an instructor, you must master the art of scuba diving before teaching others the proper techniques. Some important things to learn with your PADI instructor course in Bali (IDC Bali) are courageous water and underwater communication.

4. You can connect with a larger community of scuba enthusiasts

As an instructor, you will get the opportunity to meet people travelling to Bali (IDC Bali) to try scuba diving. You can help to make their experience memorable by teaching them skills to scuba dive safely as a hobby and connect with a community.

5. Complete your PADI course in Bali (IDC Bali) to Add Value to your Resume/CV


As an instructor, you can impress potential employers by mentioning your PADI instructor course in Bali (IDC Bali) on your resume or CV. PADI certification has become an industry-standard employers look for when searching for new staff.

6. You will be a valuable asset to the dive community

Once you have completed your PADI IDC Bali, you can get involved with several organizations within the industry, from local to international diving clubs. By doing this, you will become a driving force behind upcoming developments in the scuba diving industry. This will be a rewarding way to contribute something useful to divers in the future.

7. You can become an active teaching scuba diver

People tend to find PADI courses quite expensive, but you can find a cheaper alternative that qualifies as effective. By doing this, you can still get a feel for teaching while saving money on your education. However, the PADI IDC is still a program worth investing in for a career as a scuba diving instructor.

8. You will be able to develop an intimate relationship with nature


The scuba diving industry has grown because more people are beginning to understand the importance of conserving our natural environment. Those who participate in scuba dives and other types of scuba-related activities help in raising awareness about the importance of protecting our planet’s aquatic life and then reporting their findings to local government organizations such as the fish and wildlife departments.

9. You can travel to other parts of Asia or even the world

If you are planning on diving around Asia, consider taking your instructor course in Bali (IDC Bali). If you have completed your PADI instructor course in (IDC Bali), you can teach others about scuba diving by guiding them around Asia and showing them the best diving places worldwide.

Final Take Away

So, if you’re looking for an amazing dive experience, want to learn how to be a better diver, become an ambassador for marine life protection or are simply looking for an opportunity to add value to your resume/CV for the job opportunities you will find in the scuba diving community, look no further than Bali! When you’re ready to take your PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC), we would be honored to have you here with us.


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